somethings #16 {and then it was friday!}


i’ve knitted that many hats recently i think i could probably knit one in my sleep!  so i’m working on something for myself right now.   even if paul does call me granny and rolls his eyes at me and my knitting…but he still slaps my arse when passing, so that’s something, yes?!… ;)


hell yeah!…and maybe tuesday…and sometimes a thursday…although too many of these and this granny’s arse may not get slapped any more?!…


…he so is.  #nuffsaid


i can remember the days when i would play in these woods when i was robb’s age and i love how it’s becoming somewhere where the bois bach love to go and play too.

do you know what’s nice right now about having kids with a five year age gap?  school mornings.  i get around 45 minutes with just robb where we chat about school, his friends and what lessons he’s got that day.  anything and everything really.  then there’s the odd morning where alfie will appear {but mostly we have to wake him!} just before robb leaves.  and then it’s just me and alfie.  we’ll have breakfast together, chat about the random stuff alf will ask about {dinosaurs with two heads…}, and then head upstairs to get ready, which includes a lot of dancing and jumping around on the bed.  i’m not much of a morning person {paul will vouch for me here}, but when they’re as good as this, it’s all good.  we have our moments too…lost school shoes, no cereal left and forgetting that roller still in your hair as you leave the house…!

and then it was friday! a busy weekend ahead including celebrating my brother’s birthday makes this friday afternoon at work easier to get through ;)

got anything exciting planned yourself?  do you knit? nothing like a good arse-slap to keep you on your toes, is there? xx

18 thoughts on “somethings #16 {and then it was friday!}

  1. Love this post lady-feel free to add to #fashionfriday linky too (nails and hats count!)…house viewing this weekend then running through the park with little ones..hoping the sun stays put in Leeds!

  2. sounds like you had a great week and a fun weekend planned ahead. i see paul is an arse man. just like my husband who also keeps me on my toes ;)

  3. Mmm, is that Nutella I spy in the background behind those pancakes? Yum! Wish you could teach me to knit a hat… I tried knitting last year, and got half way through making thing… Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Gorgeous photos! For some reason I haven’t knit anything in ages. I should really get back on it. I used to love making scarves for people as gifts. Totally with you on having pancakes on Sundays. That is such a good ritual.


  5. I used to knit as a teen and found it really therapeutic. Then I became more interested in going out and haven’t done it in years. Hmmm…maybe I’ll get back into it! Pancakes every single day would be amazing!

  6. I have a theory that Welsh men are generally arse men. Good thing too! Jealous of your 5 year age gap now, our school runs are just manic shouting/forgetting at the moment.

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