peel away my friend, peel away {a face mask review}

…just for a laugh, and blaaaaadyhell we all need one from time to time, don’t we?!, have a look at this, babe: DSC02393 …i know, i know.  rock a bloody good face mask, don’t i?! haa!

after being asked to review the ‘blackhead killer’ by StyleLux and taking a look at their website, i was more than intrigued to see how it worked.  “Apply like any facial mask – and then peel your pimples away!”

…peel away my friend, peel away.


so, what did i really think?  well, when i first started squeezing the black tar-like mask into my hands i might have squealed a little, but once i started spreading it on my face {and getting some funny looks from my 11 year old son…} i was pleasantly surprised.  it went on no problem {be prepared! it’s very sticky stuff!} and it smells soo good!  i could feel it to start tightening on my skin more or less straight away.

I had to leave it on a little bit longer than the suggested 10minutes for it to peel off easily.  but once it started peeling off it felt so good and felt as if I was actually peeling a layer of skin off, in a good way…if there is one?!  Oh, and just don’t put it on those bags…because that brought actual tears when peeling that area!

my skin was red afterwards but felt oh soo good!  AAAAAND I had compliments on my skin the following day! It had a certain ‘glow’ to it, apparently!

so after all the above, would I recommend the blackhead killer?  hell yeah!

as I write this review, I’ve got another one on my face and a few more spare…which I’m keeping for some sort of ‘laugh’ with Paul. he actually suggested the four of us have a laugh with them one night, this is where I had to tell him face masks aren’t really for six and eleven year olds…!! men and kids, eh?! ;)

serious face : I was sent a five of the blackhead killer masks for the purpose of this review and all views are my own…and those bags, unfortunately!

8 thoughts on “peel away my friend, peel away {a face mask review}

  1. love a good face mask. i have been using the charcoal origins mask for a long time and i scared the shit out of Lily when she first saw me with it on. lol it still makes me laugh when i think about it.

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