if ever there was a time i could rewind back to and pause and relish that little bit longer, it would be when both our bois bach were babies, definitely.  to feed them, soothe them, bath them and kiss those ruby-red-newborn-lucious-lips that one more time.  oh god, and squish those chubby toddler cheeks.

jeez, i’ve got actual heart-ache going on here, just thinking of them both as babies.  time does fly, eh?!

just going to try and balance a few heavy books on their heads every evening from now on…see if that helps with the ‘STOP GROWING’ plan…

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16 thoughts on “rewind

  1. What a beautiful photo and I can imagine how far away it must seem when your boys are at the age they are now. It feels so far away for me and mine are still tiny. It’s true we need to relish every moment. x

  2. Aww what a gorgeous photo! They grow out of that tiny newborn phase just far too fast don’t they, and yet for all that I love the ages that they are right now just as much, but in different ways.

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