5 / 52



”a portrait of the bois bach, once a week, every week, in 2014”

robb | you and your homework robbie…i don’t know whether to laugh at how casual you are about it all…or cry because of how much it winds me up!  but we did have a high-five moment when we completed your recent design & technology homework, didn’t we?!  our, sorry YOUR 3d model is great!  so, after all the stressing over it {me, not you..grr!}, you found out the next day that we, sorry YOU had completed it two weeks early!…first time for everything, eh, bach?!

alfie | during one of our many ‘dance-offs’ the other day,  i asked you to ffw-ffw {fast forward} the song that was playing and you fell on the floor laughing!  it turns, out we both have VERY different meanings for that word…and since then you have said it at every opportunity!  and while we’re on the subject, greeting me with “sut wyt ti’r hen ffw-ffw?!” is not acceptable, but somehow those eyes and lack of teeth at the moment just make it even more hilarious!

bois bach, de chi werth y byd xxx


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