snowdrops…because they’re everywhere right now!


that’s january done and dusted.  gone.  ta-ra!  til next time.

and if i’m honest, i’m quite glad to see the back of it too.

but very glad to see all the snowdrops!  they are everywhere right now.  a bit like lego pieces all over the house…

just knowing that lighter mornings and longer evenings outside aren’t too far away.  lifts someone’s mood doesn’t it?!

for someone who hates a cold house, just being able to open the windows in the morning for a blast of fresh air on the {rare} dry mornings, is just bloody lovely.  there are even thoughts…{only thoughts so far!} of morning runs…

so, snowdrops and six thirty am runs…let’s be having you!

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

15 thoughts on “snowdrops…because they’re everywhere right now!

  1. Beautiful. Reminds me of the The Song of The Snowdrop Fairy which goes like this: Deep sleeps the winter, cold, wet and grey; Surely all the world is dead; Spring is far away.
    Wait! The world shall awaken; it is not dead. For lo, the fair maids of February stand in the snow!

  2. Love snowdrops – they are like tiny signs of Spring, daffodils next! Thats quite the bed of snowdrops you have there. I totally get the lego thing – it’s the same here, Kitty stood on some she had left lying about yesterday and inwardly I chuckled to myself – I know I am an EVIL mother.

    Thanks for joining in again and sharing – roll on Spring now!

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