somethings #18 {new bag and no more nappies}


i had to get myself a new bag on the weekend {no, honestly! i did!  my current one was hanging by it’s last thread!}.  anyway, i decided to downsize as i realised i was carrying waaaay too much crap around with me!  god-knows-how-old-lolly-with-the-wrapper-put-back-on-because-it-was-orange-flavoured, anyone?!…nope, me neither.  so, seeing as i’m trying my best to de-clutter everywhere around me, this bag seemed the right choice {i can only fit my phone, purse, a small notebook and a pack of chewing gum in it}.  it makes me happy…as well as my shoulders! ;)

want to know something else that makes me happy?  sarah millican live.  bloody hell, she is one funny lady!  just don’t mention the word ‘paste’ to me for a while, ok?!

something else?!  ok.  alf and his swimming.  he has now gone up to level four!  anybody else’s kids swim PERFECTLY in their lessons but when you ask them to swim for you when you’re in the pool with them over the weekend and they just do a really crap version of the doggy paddle?!  a n n o y i n g.

another one?!  popping to my sister’s to drop off a coat that has been left at ours…only to leave two glasses of wine and a lot of laughs later!  one of the many bonuses of having my best friend living right next door.

last one now, i promise.  booking a summer holiday!  in your face crappy february weather!  you can’t damper my spirits now!

…but apparently you can dampen robb and alf’s when you play a joke on them and tell them the ‘surprise’ is a new baby in the house…only to fall about laughing at their shocked faces!  “only joking bois bach, we’ve booked a holiday!”

…but if ever i needed clarification that i’m the only one who would welcome a new baby lowe into the house, that was it.  *insert crying face*

so what’s putting a smile on your face these days?!  wink, wink, nudge, nudge… ;)

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