6 / 52 {siblings}






”a portrait of the bois bach, once a week, every week, in 2014”

a pillow-fight-turned-wrestling-match on the bed.  i think the photos say it all.

robb | i thought something else was going on with your eagerness to actually go to bed for once!…turns out this is what you had planned.

alfie | you don’t half get worked up at these kind of ‘play fights’, do you?!  your face is just FULL of determination!  {sadly, i didn’t get the determined face on camera}

paul…the perfect example of that quote, ”men don’t grow up, they just get bigger” ;)

bois bach, de chi werth y byd xxx

    living arrows
dear beautiful

10 thoughts on “6 / 52 {siblings}

  1. LOVE this post, beautiful pics that made me smile from ear to ear-so much fun and playfulness-can’t wait until my boys are play fighting rather than just fighting! True about men just getting bigger too!

  2. Oh, I absolutely love this. Such a fun, natural moment caught on camera, and so lovely to look back on. So true about men too, I sometimes have to remind my husband that he’s a dad now and not a cheeky big brother. x

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