top valentine’s cards to give/receive…that’s if you’re celebrating…because we’re not and i’m totally fine with it…

we’ve said we are not ‘doing’ valentine’s this year {well, paul’s face said it really…kind of all squished up with a ”really?” kind of expression and shaking his head from side to side…}.  

but with all the emails coming in at the moment ‘reminding’ me i’ve still got time to buy cards etc. here are a few of my fave i have seen…

{but first, who needs reminding?! when i was 8 years old i couldn’t wait for this day to come around so that i could put a card in my current crush’s drawer at school…not forgetting putting a big fat ? as to who it was from…i bet they felt dead lucky to have a forever-blushing-correction-glasses-wearing-bowl-haircut-stylee after them…}

anyway, the cards:



{1 and 4 – here | 2, 5, 6 & 7 – here | 3 – here | 8 – here}

1| does this one need explaining?!  na, not really.  BUT everything {cards, aprons, mugs etc.} that cardia cofi do make me cackle like my mam…which isn’t always a good thing.

2 | because i would rather penny sweets over chocolate any day.

3 | possibly my fave. simple and straight to the point.

4 | *cackles like my mam…*

5 | the PERFECT card from Paul to me…if we were to do valentine’s this year…

6 | and another one…but we’re not doing valentine’s this year…and i’m fine with that…

7 | because if one thing reeeeeally annoys me, IT’S THIS!  get it right, bobl bach!

8 | fnar fnar


serious face: i haven’t been paid millions to link to these sites.  i just wanted to share a few funny cards with you, but if someone does buy the ‘dickhead’ one, let me know how it went down. Diolch.

One thought on “top valentine’s cards to give/receive…that’s if you’re celebrating…because we’re not and i’m totally fine with it…

  1. Ha! I love this! We do Valentine’s despite thinking that it’s all fluff and nonsense really. I actually spend far too long searching out ‘anti’ Valentine’s Day cards like these. Last year I found one that something like ‘I love you even though your snoring drives me round the bend!’ Who said romance is dead? ;-)

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