somethings #19 {candlelight and cards}


well! that was interesting, wasn’t it?!  stupidly strong winds, ridiculous never ending rain and hail that made me squeal whenever it whipped my face! {and apparently more to come?!}

so, thanks to the above, wednesday evening was looking like a candlelit and quiet evening in front of the fire due to no electricity.  while the bois bach laid out blankets, i rustled together nutella sandwiches, a side dish of chocolate stuffed brioche, cheese, crackers and other essentials {mainly wine} and we sat down for our too many chocolate featured feast.

let the candlelit and quiet evening commence…and then the doorbell rings.  i open it to find three squished faces in their hoods and a voice says ”we thought you might fancy some company…” {incase you need telling, of course it was low, ella and owsi-powsi-pudding-and-pie}.

fast forward three hours later, we’ve all eaten our weight in cheese, a major football-with-a-balloon tournament played, a dance off has happened, dad has called to make sure we’re all ok, numerous phonecalls to absent husbands, another bottle of wine finished, i whooped everyone’s backside in ‘chase the ace’…and then the electric came back on, to which we all did a kind of disappointed cheer…

sometimes not having electric and having to play cards and drink wine and talk to each other isn’t all that bad…just wish it didn’t have to be such severe weather to make it happen.


like i said in my previous post, we’re not ‘doing’ valentine’s this year {and i’m still absolutely fine about it…}, but maybe, just maybe we’ll light some candles and drink some wine… ;)

happy valentine’s day to you all xxxxx

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