taking stock #2

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Making : a cardigan for myself, which makes me sound like i’m getting on…*looks in the mirror…oh…*
Cooking : roast dinners {our fave}.  the one time i don’t actually mind being in the kitchen…{the other time is when i’m hiding in the corner scoffing the last wagon wheel on the sly, you snooze you loose, robbie!}
Drinking : a guinness.  not just a guinness, but the last one.  in paul’s special gunness glass.  oof! you should have seen his face! haa!
Reading: the light between oceans.  shut. the. front. door!  go and buy/download this book now.  i haven’t quite finished it yet but it’s unputdownable…is that even a word?!
Wanting: a baby.  yep.  still.  but not getting one.  one born every minute, i’m blaming you this week.
Looking: forward to the weekend.  bristol, you can’t come quick enough!
Playing: catch up with work.  but edinburgh, you were so worth it.
Wasting: far too much time watching the rain.
Sewing: haa!  that sewing maching mam gave me last year?  still sat there collecting dust.
Wishing: “…on a star”.  that’s that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day now.
Enjoying: listening to alf tell me how he wants to help everyone in africa. #heartexplosion
Waiting: for the bois bach to roll out their cookie dough was T O R T U R E.  my ocd kicked in after a while…
Liking: my hair styled for me friday evening.  diolch yn fawr iawn am noson gwych Gary! we had such a giggle.
Wondering: how long is my hair going to take to grow. i blame pinterest.
Loving: that this little blog of mine has been nominated for three mad blog awards!  high five!  nominate me here if you wish.
Hoping: some of you lovely lot might actually nominate me.  ok, will stop plugging once i’ve won! ;)
Marvelling: at the gorgeous st andrews square garden and the ‘field of light’ exhibition, just wish i was there to see it at night.
Needing: to take paul to edinburgh one weekend…then i’ll get to see the exhibition!
Smelling: my flowers i got for valentine’s day…even though we weren’t ‘doing’ valentine’s day this year…diolch cariad x
Wearing: big snuggly wrapped-around-your-face snoods.
Following: naked lunge {pull your heads out of the gutter people!} on instagram and wanting EVERYTHING they make.
Noticing: all the snowdrops and daffodils, spring is err…springing!
Knowing: i’ve got a creme egg for this afternoon. yessss!
Thinking: how good does alf look with a ‘tache?!
Feeling: soo good when i pop my earphones in and sing and dance around the house like a loon.  it works wonders.  just make sure all the curtains are closed.
Bookmarking: watercolour tattoos.  and all of the tiny geometric ones.
Opening: that creme egg way before this afternoon.  i just know it’s going to happen. #fail.
Giggling: at ‘innuendo bingo’ on radio one right now.

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