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DSC02880”a portrait of the bois bach, once a week, every week, in 2014”

we have just spent a brilliant weekend at bristol with friends.  belly laughs, a museum, a ferry ride, swimming and a dirty takeaway to put it into a sentence.  but the journey there was funny wasn’t it, bois?!

robb | we got some goodies for the car journey there.  you had opened everything by the 5th mile, eaten half of it by the 16th and planned to eat the rest about 30 miles down the road…we still had around 130 miles to go after that…

alfie | 3 miles down the road you asked if we were nearly there yet…

but you both helped out when we got to bristol with no sat nav {my cigarette hole thing decided to pack up with an hour to go} and i had 3% battery left on my phone…the joys of travelling with your mam, eh bois bach?! ;)

but we got there.  and you learnt a few new words…thanks to junctions and bristol city centre traffic…

bois bach, de chi werth y byd xxx

i have very kindly been nominated for ‘best photography’, ‘best school days blog’ and ‘blog of the year’ over at the mads 2014 – feel free to vote for me if you wish {a big fat sws winging it’s way to you if you do!}

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