meet jenny chips…

^^ 33 years ago xxx ^^

she is:

a wife to one
mother to four
grandmother to 7
known for her laugh…it’s like nothing else you’ve ever heard
a carer
will do anything for anyone
a BIG wine lover
a cleaner {pots piling up in your sink?! invite Jen round, she’ll soon have them done!}
so so helpful {we’d be lost without her}
a baker {since i can remember she has always been the person people go to when wanting a birthday cake…must be where i get my gotta-bake-something-gene from}
a tough one to beat at scrabble {ask my dad…}
a giver
a maker…especially if you say you like something. recently paul enjoyed a bread & butter pudding in a cafe we were at, two days later mam has made 3 dishes of the stuff…
she is honest
…and did i mention crazy?!

but most of all, she is my mam. and i can’t think of anyone else i would rather write about on this day, international women’s day.

She is something else xx

3 thoughts on “meet jenny chips…

  1. What a lovely post, I enjoyed it a lot! She must be such an adorable person. Today many people share some love and a compliment. I believe we have to do this more often – even the smallest gesture of regard and some little moment of kindness can have a great impact.

    That’s why I’m intending to write a newspaper article about complimenting and its beautiful effects when people actually mean what they say. I try to collect compliments, so if you want to take part – just submit a compliment you recently paid or received by commenting on this post:

    And Happy International Women’s Day to you!

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