that time we went to bristol and alfie fell in love with norah…


…but just look at that face! who wouldn’t?!


^^ alf is probably masterminding how to get norah back to wales without anyone noticing…!! ^^


these two…playing…plotting…


nope.  no idea what is going on here.  apart from there is ice cream and lots of happy kids…and it seemed to take us a lifetime to get to the m:shed!


i haven’t laughed like i laughed on that saturday in a long time.  we were delirious, the kids were delirious…thank GOD for the scampi and guinness at the cottage pub!

it’s bad when you have to go all the way to bristol to bump into a friend from home on the ferry?!  how very random and lovely! but also, you get to find things out this way…{hi 8 month baby bump!}



bristol, you were a beaut!

and thanks for having us, Parry’s! oh, and for the guitar!  she’s all ready to rock n’ roll X

One thought on “that time we went to bristol and alfie fell in love with norah…

  1. Beautiful post, I love the way you write, it’s epic-the vignettes are so full of life and joy, you’re brilliant you are and we love Brizzle (lived there for a while)-gorge pics! Thanks for sharing x

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