a bold, risky undertaking?…not quite

DSC02902 (Medium)

DSC02900 (Medium)

DSC02905 b

DSC02913 (Medium)

DSC02915 b

DSC02935 (Medium)

DSC02932 (Medium)

DSC02941 b^^ no walk is complete without a ‘gun’…am i right or am i right? ^^

DSC02946 (Medium)

there’s something about no plans whatsoever.  {apart from ‘must be home in time for the rugby’}.  so with a morning of ‘housework’ done…{reading other blogs does count as housework, yes?!}…the bois bach decided they wanted to go on an adventure.  we ended up at bala lake.  not quite an adventure…an exciting and or very unusual experience? no.  a bold, risky undertaking?! na.  or a hazardous action of certain outcome?!  bloody hell no!!  BUT, the sun was shining, the lake was looking very pretty and the bois climbed {successfully}, fished {not so much} and ran around trying to catch the dog in the fishing net {??!!} until it was time to pay a visit to the chip shop.

but it was our adventure.

…oh.  one more thing.  rolly.

DSC02939 (Medium)

i know.  i know.  cute.  soo cute.

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