stamptastic {a review}


^ i may have got a little ‘stamp-happy’ last night…”take your shirt off robb, i gotta stamp it”…^




i love a good stamp.  i’ve got hundreds of them upstairs from the ‘cardmaking days’.  and now i’ve got two more to add to the collection.  i think the above photos explain what this is all about.  but basically, instead of my messy-big-fat handwriting {girly, i think paul calls it too} on school shirts, jumpers and bags…well, consider them now all stamped.  the clear block helped me stamp EXACTLY where i wanted to too.  some of them are still stamped following a wash.  some are still waiting to be ironed, if anyone’s interested?…anyway, the stamps!  i like them.

i now really, really want to get the bois a gorgeous set of pencils and stamp their names along them.

…i also now realise i really, really need to get out more too…

serious face: i was sent the stamptastic stamp kit for the purpose of this review.  all thoughts are my own, but everything i have stamped isn’t, they belong to R Lowe or A Lowe ;)

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