somethings #22 {i welled up}

^ smiling hedgehog, thanks to pinterest ^
^ smiling hedgehog, thanks to pinterest ^

i like to think of here as like my happy place. i don’t take myself too seriously, i just want to put some nice photos up and write about the good stuff we’ve done, something funny the bois bach have said {probably alf!}…or a lovely holiday we’ve been asked to review…HINT HINT! ;)

so without going into too much detail {because it’s just not worth it really!}i have been very hormonal recently. some would say hysterical…also known as a hormonal disaster. ask paul.  ask lynn, who i work with.  it’s also made me go up a dress size {F*&”%$!!}.  i am finding things are making me well up or laugh hysterically!

so to prove the hormonal disaster i am at the minute {and for a laugh}, here are some things that have made me well up/hysterical recently:

* a hedgehog.  not just any old hedgehog, but a hedgehog wearing a bobble hat.  i welled up.

* i recently bought a birthday card that read ”penblwydd hapus y twat” and a children’s book at the same time.  i felt the need to explain to the shopkeeper that these weren’t for the same person.  i laughed hysterically…#awkward

* the bastard weather.  i took the dog for a walk on my lunch break today hoping to see alf at school…but no, the bastard weather decided to ruin my plans.  it rained which meant no outside playtime.  i welled up, looked up and swore at the weather…i also had to put my jeans in the tumble dryer {don’t tell paul!}…

* alf’s reactions when watching films are the best.  he cracks me up.

* a bath.  i just wanted a bath.  without a 6 year old saying “can i just have a quick poo?” while i’m lying there!…i welled up…then laughed hysterically because he got embarassed whilst having his poo…

* owen.  ’nuff said.  not only does he crack me up, but everyone else too.

* a film, old dogs.  two friends {john travolta & robin williams} find themselves looking after a set of 7 year old twins for a fortnight.  robin realises he always wanted to be a dad.  i fucking welled up…and then told myself to get a grip.  ps. john travolta has lost it, hasn’t he?!

* and then last night, i read some post on facebook about a child with cancer, and i didn’t just well up…i sobbed.  i sobbed for about half an hour.  i decided to go to bed.  robb and alf were fast asleep in it.  i got in with them.  you guessed it, i welled up…and then i welled up again.  just so grateful that they are here…even if i did get kicked in the back and punched in the face numerous times throughout the night.

you see?!  it’s all fun and games…!

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