QuickMax {a review}


this blog of mine ain’t called ‘mascara & mud’ for nothing you know!

ladies, ladies! let me introduce you to ‘QuickMax’<you should definitely click on the on the link there and take a look>  iknowiknowIKNOW!  i got excited about it too.  anything mascara/eyelash related, i’m in!  i’ve been using QuickMax for the best part of two weeks now and i’m sure i can see a difference.  longer lashes? yes.  fuller lashes?! definitely!  like my mascara, i may have put lashings and lashing of the stuff on every morning for two minutes before washing it off…then lashings and lashing of mascara.  taa daa!  happy lashes.  happy days.

oh, and lowri {my sister}, if you’re reading this, remember when i said you could try it too?!  yeah…i might have to rethink that now…


serious face : i was sent QuickMax for the purpose of this review, all words and thoughts are my own…and those lovely full lashes! x

2 thoughts on “QuickMax {a review}

  1. i used to love wearing mascara. when i lived in colder places. i haven’t worn it in so long now. and summer is coming so i don’t see myself wearing it any time soon :(

  2. Look at you gorgeous lady and I’m sold, going to buy this immediately, was looking at another brand that was £70 thinking it was far too expensive-thanks for this x

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