…unlucky for some, 13. {13/52}



”a portrait of the bois bach, once a week, every week, in 2014”

robb | sometimes when we are all sat down watching telly you drive me absolutely insane with how you have to wind the dog up {just let him sleep!} or you just can’t. sit. STILL.  and this photo is usually how you end up.  next to me, singing or making some daft noise.  grr.  ;)

alfie | you are lost without robb {to annoy} or owen {to jump around in the mud with}.  a massive roll of paper and a drawer full of pens sorted you out the other evening though.

13.  unlucky for some.  fortunately for me it wasn’t!  because not only did i have a fantastic weekend away with the girls, but i came home to these goodies off those blimmin’ gorgeous bois bach of mine!  something chosen and something made by them makes this mam very happy.

mday collage


bois bach, de chi werth y byd xxx

    living arrows

2 thoughts on “…unlucky for some, 13. {13/52}

  1. Awesome pictures, I love them both and your boys look like so much fun! (I also love that you call them your bois bach, I’m know to my friend as Franki bach :-) It’s definitely my favourite nickname! #livingarrows

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