wool and the gang : florence sweater

florence sweater - wool and the gang

it dawned on me the other evening that i had only worn my wool and the gang florence sweater once {knitted by myself i might just add. go me} and there must be a reason for this? after fishing it out of my wardrobe i tried it on and realised what the problem was.  the sleeves.  they just didn’t sit right. this has nothing to do with the pattern i just want to add and probably everything to do with my haste to want to finish it! {lesson learnt there}. anyway, i decided to get rid of the arms and see how it looked.

collage watg 2

and i’m really pleased that i decided to get rid now.  i’ve even wore it out and about since.  {i’m also picturing wearing it with shorts on holiday, while i head to the bar following a good splash about with my bois in the pool.  hurry up summer!}

i’ve got a lot of love for wool & the gang.  if you knit, or want to start or just a little bit curious, go check them out.  they’ve made it all cool again.

serious face : unfortunately, i haven’t been paid millions by WATG for this, i just think they’re pretty cool and wanted to let you know about them.  but those awkward arms and hands in the above photo?!  not WATG’s…all mine, unfortunately.

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