…because sometimes i have too much time on my hands…







…well, half an hour

…and every now and again, i like to make things for those men in my life.  i’m not going to say bake, because there wasn’t a single bit of baking that went on here…sorry mam!  i’d love to say i hand rolled the pastry and it was home-made custard…i’m good, but not that good.  although i did fold some cream into the custard, does that count?!  but ohmaigod, look at them, they’re so pretty!

mam came round and i was on all fours trying to get their best side, she just looked at me with a ”what ARE you doing?” look.  “don’t ask” i said, “ok then.  your sister has missed her bus home.  i’ve got weight watchers and i need to go.  you’ve got your meeting, so your brother is picking her up.  she’ll be home in ten to have the bois.” and turned around and walked straight back out again.  without another glance my way.  because, that ladies and gentlemen, is how we roll.

so the tarts.  it turns out they weren’t even that impressed with them anyway!  ”i thought the custard would have been set?”.  BAKE YOUR OWN PUDDING NEXT TIME, MATE!  i know, i know…i didn’t exactly bake them…but meh. 

but that 9pm paned and three one of these?! oh soo good.

and yes, those berries on top are frozen.  but i made these in plenty of time so that when the time came to eat them, they would be perfectly defrosted.  plus, like my mam pointed out above, i had a meeting to get to.

mary berry, i’m not.  but i bet i’ve got better buns than her! ;) BOOM!

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