who needs mary berry when you’ve got these junior chefs?!

20140418-232110.jpg Un da ‘di Jen.  Never seen without her handbag…or a plastic bag full of some sort of goodies! At one time she could be seen riding a bike and carrying a hoover at the same time!! So it was no surprise when she rocked up last night with her handbag  {which is something else in itself!} and two huge plastic bags. although one did make a familiar sound when plonked on the floor {clink-clink}. a while after we’d emptied that bottle ;) she told us to get the kids ready for their cake decorating competition and i kid you not, proceeded to take out a bowl full of butter icing out of one of her bags!  With 8 o’clock approaching and no tea-whatsoever ready for anyone, this whole decorating cake business was news to me…but after another bottle emptied, who is watching the time, eh?!

ready, steady, BAKE…or decorate…
the competition was getting fierce between these two!
Owen and Alf with their creations
Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry with theirs! ;)
Owen thought he got away with this sneaky action when lining up for a photo…yes, the judge took it that seriously!
Can we all just take a minute here to take a long, good look at Alf’s face?! How chuffed is he?! Also, BLOGGER FAIL! Apologies for the photo of clothes hanging in the bach there…but thanks to this gorgeous weather we are getting at the moment, that baby had FOUR loads on it yesterday! anyway, back to the bake off…

Everyone got joint First Prize, which didn’t go down well with the fierce competitors…you try telling Robb it was all for a bit of fun!  Absolutely no idea where he gets his competitive streak from…

But a good giggle all the same, thanks to Mam and Dad.  The half eaten cakes are being used for Lowri’s birthday party tonight.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY! if you’re reading Low! ;)

…oh, and tea?!  We were meant to be having moules mariniere…but instead had beans and cheese toasties…*hangs head in shame*.

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