when a dress makes you want to twirl about in it all day

DSC03430 (Medium)

…because this one does!

It helps that it’s also very pretty, fits me just right thanks to the lovely ruffled belt that goes around the waist, has the cutest buttons along the front and…AND…it goes with my shoes i have recently been reunited with!

Kind of a long {and probably boring} story buuuuut; Girl {me} goes on hen do to Cork, goes home, receives a photo from the hen with her daughter wearing the shoes and then a text saying she will bring them with her in October.  She was getting married or something…;)  October has been and gone {if you’ve not noticed we are in APRIL!}.  Girl texts new Mrs Twix in March saying “what did happen to my shoes”…response was ”oo mai goood, they’ve been in my mams since October!  i forgot to tell you!”.  Her mam lives just around the corner from me.   Just around the corner from me…all this time!  Anyway, we’re back together now and it feels soo good to be that little bit taller!  Diolch Wend!

collage (Medium)

So here we are.  The Brazilia Dress c/o Joe Browns, those shoes and man oh man, one big ol’ twirl coming up tomorrow night on a dance floor near you! ;)

a big shout out to my photographer too – diolch robbie!  who might have laughed a little too much when after taking just 5 photos the battery died on the camera!  BLOGGER FAIL {another one}.  But not so much as when i tried explaining to my Dad that  ”yes, i know i’m a bit over-dressed for walking the dog up the road, but we’re just off to take photos of it actually”…”wanna see me twirl in it?!”…”yes, for a review on the blog”…the word ‘blog’ threw him never mind the rest!

serious face: Joe Browns sent me this goooorgeous dress for the purpose of this review.  all words and thoughts are my own…and those knobbly knees are all thanks to my Dad! 

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