pump i’r penwythnos #2

…{five for the weekend}…

I’m hosting book club this evening {i’ve called it wine club before now without even realising…’nuff said} and I thought I better do a lot better than what I did last time I hosted.  A bowl of wine gums and some philadelphia…i kid you not!…it had been a long day… 

caws collage (Small)

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1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

And judging by all of these tasty looking and oh-so-pretty boards on pinterest, ^^ THIS ^^ is how it’s done!  There’s also tips on which flavours you should have on the board.  I’ve got a good chance of getting it right tonight {let’s be honest, a block of cheddar on the table is better than last time!}, BUT, if I haven’t got it in flavour, I’ve certainly got what is needed for a successful cheese board in friends…

Something sharp : Maree
Something funky : Dwysan
Something nutty : Sue
Something creamy : Beth
Something fresh : ME! {freshest of the lot…*twerks for you all*}

Whatever it is you are doing this evening – make it a good one!

PS – This!

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