Mindful meandering.

Dear Ms.

Try try try. As another bereaved mum recently said being positive all the time. Can be very exhausting. I hadn’t thought of that before. Also though, being negative and complaining is equally exhausting isn’t it and there’s nothing to gain. So for me I keep choosing the first option. Where I can.

I catch myself complaining at times. I catch myself feeling very sorry for myself. I am made up of genes and cells and skin. I am human therefore I fall off the positive wagon often. But keep trying. That’s what I think. Keep trying. Keep reminding yourself how you want to live. I might worry myself stupid about something that I can do nothing about for hours but I’ll eventually remind myself that it’s pointless and i’ll bring myself back to mindfulness. My strength. My recent saviour. One day at a time. The present moment.

I also put…

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