worn {a t-shirt…a diy one!}


…because we all know someone who will have bought the very same t-shirt from Primark.


…So I may have bought a few!  But these t-shirts, a necklace, skinny jeans and heels {or pumps, depends whether I’m at the office or at home with my boys} and I’m set for the day.  I decided that one of them needed a little touch up, nothing major {as you can tell…} juuust in case I bumped into that friend who has got the same t-shirt…and being a veeery small village, it’s probably likely! ;)

Tools needed:


It’s not rocket science, but with a diy post isn’t it the norm to tell your reader{s}Hia Auntie Christine! – how you did it?!  Here goes:

* Print off the shape //  Decide where you want the shape to be  // Using double-sided tape, stick it to the t-shirt // Using these t-shirt graffiti pens, dot around the shape outline // Remove and then fill in the heart shape with dots until your little dotty-busying-hands can’t dot no more  //  For the outline I used black and then filled the shape using black, purple, blue, green and yellow.  Ta-Daa!

Obviously, those of you who know me and shop in Primark can’t do this…because that’s just defeating the object really, isn’t it?!…

But there you go, my very first diy on this little blog of mine…#highfive…

serious face: i was sent these graffiti pens a long time ago, but forgot all about them because, basically, my scarf was so much nicer!  so thanks to friends with the same blank t-shirt for reminding me about them ;)

4 thoughts on “worn {a t-shirt…a diy one!}

  1. How clever are you, gorgeous! I love Primarni, kids clothes stunning too and I can’t live without my floral frocks from there! Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday chickie, please add my badge or link back, want to get my linky out there xx

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