pump i’r penwythnos #3 {five for the weekend}


Apparently, because it’s sunny AND the weekend, Mam, Dad and his guitar are coming round tonight {and no doubt a bottle of red}.  This is the first time we’ll both have our guitars and I’m excited to see what he’ll teach me.  I hope it’s something better than “London Bridge is falling down” {which I taught myself} but, bloodyhell, the bois bach weren’t impressed at all with that one!  I don’t even think they knew the song!  Parenting fail right there.  EVERYONE knows that one, don’t they?!  Alf said ”I thought you were going to play ‘someone like you’?…”  Baby steps, Alf.  Baby steps.  In my defense, I can play ‘stand by me’ on the guitar too…and some chords.


Gorgeous evening weather and a kick about in the school field, resulted in this photo.  I think it might just be one of my faves.


It is slooowly becoming apparent that tulips are my favourite {although, sometimes it can be lilly’s…or sweet peas…oh! and blubells smell amazing, don’t they?!}.  Anyway, sunshine in my hands right here with these tulips.


I found Alf like this at his bedroom window the other morning.  “Just listening to the morning”, he told me.  And just like that he let out a fart and asked for breakfast and a hot chocolate.  He’s a catch, him!


So.  This has happened a couple of times now.  I, Cerys Lowe, have biked to work…AND ENJOYED IT!  All the fresh air has obviously gone straight to my head, as I have now entered to do a half marathon in September…somebody stop me!  Dad says he is going to give the half marathon a go too {he’s retiring in June, so GO DAD!} and my sister has asked for an entry form too.  Even if she did think it was a 6 mile run…let’s see if she fills in that form.

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