5 things i learnt from grazia this week


…but first…yes, that’s a mug that says ‘i heart spreadsheets’ and just for the record, I don’t.  It was bought for an old colleague of mine one Christmas, who was the ‘spreadsheet-for-the-spreadsheet-on-spreadsheets’ kinda man.  Who obviously LOVED his Christmas present as it’s still here 2 years after he left…and yes, that’s a couple of ginger nuts waiting to be dunked in my tea.  Classy.

Anyway, Grazia.  Always my go-to magazine…I love reading it.  And here’s 5 reasons why;

1}  “6 HOURS | The time it takes women to get ready for the first night with a new lover”.  REEEEEAAALLLY?!  I get the whole wanting to look your best and all that…but 6 hours?!  Who are these women?!  6 hours…what requires that much time of prepping?!…*shudders at the thought*…

2}  “Tangerine Dream”…or just bright orange hair to you and me, is the next big thing.  They are soo behind on this one, ask my friends.  Going back years now, I already had this colour!  Ok, so it was meant to be red but I didn’t leave it on long enough so had bright orange hair.  Niiice.  I can still remember one of my friends {who shall remain nameless} just kept repeating “but it’s BRRRIGHT ORANGE!” all night and would just stare at me with her mouth wide open.

3}  People actually think you can get a date by texting “well-hung…interested?” to someone else.  Lost for words on that one.

4}  Not only can you get your instagram images printed on magnets or printed in some cute order and framed…but you can now get your images printed onto MARSHMALLOWS! I know, how cool! I’m not sure if I’d actually eat them, but still…I just want to get all of my fave images on marshmallows, just because.

5} I need a retro bikini in my life…and not just because it looks like it will hold the belly in.

Got any gems you’re learnt yourself to share?!

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