sweat. smile. repeat.


…or in my case, go purple in the face, smile {kind of} and repeat.  Nothing like entering into a half marathon to get you off your backside is there?!  But that’s just what I needed to happen.  And in my first week of ‘right-come-on-let’s-do-this’ training, I managed 3 runs…in 3 days!  I know, surprised myself there.  But then I couldn’t walk properly the following day or run up the stairs without a “oof!” for the next few days…but I did it.  That’s not to say the runs went smoothly, though.  Oh No.  My first run was painful.  I only wore one sports bra. ..and that’s not me bragging, it’s just how it is.  I like to keep everything strapped down and compressed, thanks very much.  And for that reason {or should that be those two reasons…} I just couldn’t enjoy my run.  My second run was a bit of a laugh.  There were 3 of us altogether and if it wasn’t one of us complaining about getting his new trainers dirty {they’re black and yellow though, so who is going to see the mud on them?!}, it was me running for my life through a boggy field because the other 2 told me I was being chased by cows!  And my third run saw me getting lost in a forest!…but I did just over 5 miles that evening and LOVED IT!  Even if at one point I was running along brash mats thinking “something’s not right here…?!”  So, all in all, not a bad start to the training…

I feel I need to point out I don’t run in my red polka dot wellies and jeans, this is just a photo I got on the weekend which I’ve shared everywhere but here ;)

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