peanut butter, flowers and more peanut butter // pump i’r penwythnos

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Nothing like a bunch of freshly picked flowers to put a smile on this mama’s face*!  Or that time, around fifteen minutes earlier before this photo was taken, when I told the bois bach that a ram was chasing after them!  Just sheer panic, it was hilarious!


Peanut.  Butter.  Cookies.  These babies are so easy to make and peanut butter is sloooowly becoming my favourite thing.  In ice cream or smeared all over a banana.  Heavenly.  Or half n’ half with nutella on a spoon.  *drools thinking about it*


…speaking of peanut butter.  One of the many reasons {the food, the people, the lovely and relaxed atmosphere}, I will be returning to the newly opened ‘Reliance House’ in Corwen will be for the peanut butter and salted caramel ice cream.  Iknowiknowiknow!  I would have had it last night but I decided to let Robb choose pudding.  Never again.  Hashtag lesson learnt there.  There was nothing wrong with the pudding mind {far from it} but that ice cream, I’ve got to get me a bowl full of the stuff.  By the way, more photos of our evening at Reliance House coming soon!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Afternoons spent at a lake, discussing the monsters that live there, and pirate themed birthday parties, finding tadpoles, throwing stones as far as we could and then a game of hide n’ seek on the way back through the woods.  What afternoons are made for…when the Welsh weather allows it.


A garage door {not to mention the chef’s hat!} now becomes a jumping photo opportunity!…maybe?!…

Tell me something that’s made your week…and what other peanut butter recipes have you got for me?!

*ps – Meryl, os ti’n darllen hwn, deud wrth Bunny de ni’n iawn i pigo’r “Four Fs’ – fruit, foliage, fungi or flowers – if the plants are growing wild and it is for your personal use and not for sale.”  Just rhag ofn mae o isio neud bach o ‘flower pressing’ weekend ‘ma de!

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