Reliance House Bar and Grill


You know you’re in for a good night when you’re welcomed with a “I should’ve guessed you’d want a glass of wine” and a big grin by the handsome, young waiter!  After showing us to our table and bringing our drinks over…Iechyd Da, Dave ;) …we feasted our eyes on the menu, and what a menu it is!  I was really impressed with the options available.

As was Alf, judging by this photo! sidenote: he won’t let me gel his hair anymore…apparently I don’t do it properly…sob!
The relaxed atmosphere and warm welcome we received matched perfectly with the style of the restaurant.
As in all restaurants these days, there were crayons to keep the bois entertained, which went down well when they realised they got their very own chef’s hat to design!

…and now on to the most important bit…the food!

To start with, I opted for the smoked chicken slices and duck rillettes on a mixed leaf salad with balsamic cherry dressing.   m mm mmmm!
My main course was the melt-in-your-mouth Lamb Chump Chop {say that out loud, da de?}…anyway Lamb Chump Chop in a Redcurrant and Rosemary Reduction on Creamy Spring Onion Mash
Served with lovely fresh season veg, those chips were good! They reminded me of the ones my mam makes, which is never a bad thing.
The bois bach went for the pizza, which both said was really good and cheesy. And Robb wanted to take his own photo of his food…so that’s what’s happening here…and it does look cheesy, doesn’t it? Yum.
…now this is where Robb and I nearly fell out. He’s at that age where he wants more than ice cream for pudding and so we decided to share mine one. And with very little debate, he decided on the chocolate fudge cake! I was all for the peanut butter and salted caramel ice cream…next time, baby.  Next time.
Chocolate. Fudge. Cake. It was good, Robb went as far to say one of the best he’s had yet!

No photo of Alf’s ice cream…no way was he hanging around for me to take a photo.

And a cappuccino {i just had to google how to spell that correctly!!} to finish the evening off.

The newly opened Reliance House Bar & Grill is definitely worth a visit.  Here’s a link to the website with contact details etcWhat are you waiting for?!  Get yourselves a table booked, pronto!

So, our verdict on Reliance House?!


It gets a BIG thumbs up from us!

I wish Chris, Sue and everyone else involved all the very best at Reliance House.   And I will definitely be visiting again, for a} the ice cream b} the steak, which apparently, was cooked to perfection and c} a photo of Sue in all her glory as sous chef! ;)

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