Yeah…so this photo was taken when someone couldn’t quite wait til we got home…but that bite kept me going just those few extra miles!  Well it had to really, as Robb swiftly removed the box from my knees and put them on the back seat.  We were only in the supermarket car park though, not on the M6 or anything daft.  Kids: please don’t drive with donuts, or anything for that matter, on your knees…it’s not big and it’s not clever.  Right, back to the donuts.  It’s National Donut Day Today.  Nope, I didn’t know either, but thanks to all the American blogs I read, I do now!  I think I prefer the jam filled donuts to the one’s above…but when you’ve just done a food shop and you’ve got those elevenses, these ones don’t half do the job!  I’ve not quite mastered baking them myself yet {haa! I say that like I’ve actually tried!  I haven’t!…} but it does look like a bit of a faff to make your own.

So here’s five donut related things just for you on this National Donut Day:


What do you get a boi bach who loves donuts for his birthday?!  Why, a donut cake, of course!  Not baked by yours truly…but stacked by yours truly…same thing, kind of.

I don’t know which I love the most, the DIY Donut Hat or DIY Donut Sunglasses – tough call, de?!  But I’m pretty sure I’ve got a similar floppy hat somewhere upstairs…thanks to Dwys’ 40th Birthday Party!  watch this space…

This poster needs to go on a wall somewhere…preferably my kitchen!

The perfect gift for a donut lover!

So, go forth and eat all the donuts you can, because who is going to judge you today?! ;)

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