23 / 52 {tricks}

DSC03846 DSC03889

”a portrait of the bois bach, once a week, every week, in 2014”

Robb | a new trick on your bike.  not captured on camera but will stay with me forever: the way you laughed when Dad told you the following joke “What time is it when a Chinaman goes to the dentist?  Two Thirty.”  You were rolling about on the floor and I don’t think I’ve ever heard you laugh like that!  I’m laughing now just thinking about you and your face. xx

Alfie | …and a hat-trick for you this week, Alf!  I could watch you play all day, every day.  Not captured but will stay with me forever: the way you sing your heart out to Les Miserables when we’re in the car.  On Saturday we held a note for as long as possible and you were BEAMING bach, beaming!  I also love the way you call your favourite song on that album, ‘Don’t make me laugh’, it’s the ‘master of the house’ song, but it’s the one line you can’t wait for!  xx

bois bach, de chi werth y byd xxx …a mwy xxx

    living arrows

3 thoughts on “23 / 52 {tricks}

  1. Love the shot of Robb on his bike. I can imagine plenty of these when Luca gets older he already a little daredevil.
    Alf’s arm out as well as if he is saying, I don’t think so, and the look of concentration, he’s clearly really into the game x

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