blog life and me


Making : list after list and taking notes…and then some!  Thanks to Blog Life, {an e-course on blogging and how to get the best out of you and your blog}.  ‘Learn to make a living doing what you love’ is what it’s all about…not sure this little blog of mine will allow me to give up work, {I was more intrigued to see what it had to offer and not thinking of giving up work Paul…honest}, but none the less, i’m loving the course!  It’s full of inspiration and making me want to continue along this path of blogging…wherever it is heading!
Cooking : for one is soo boring.  But coco pops for tea isn’t ;)
Drinking : a large red with that wine <<  I have been writing this post on and off for days now and this is what I had written here already…I was obviously enjoying a glass of the good stuff when typing that…! >>
Reading : If it’s not Blog Life, it’s ‘Just a girl standing in front of a boy’ by Lucy-Anne Holmes.  A romantic comedy which, between funny one-liners and Paul’s God-awful and ‘how-does-anyone-snore-that-badly?!’ the other night, had me in fits of giggles!
Wanting : If I’m going to be picky {my blog, my rules, therefore I’m going to be}, I’d love a new car, but we’re all happy and healthy, so I’ll go with wanting that to continue.
Looking : Everywhere for Nerf Guns.  That’s all we’re talking about at ours at the moment.
Playing : Hide n Seek in the house.  And judging by the other evening, I need to up my game.
Wasting :…far too much time looking at Nerf Guns online.  {it’s catching!}.
Sewing : …this is getting awkward now, isn’t it…nope, nothing sewn recently…or ever.  Probs.
Wishing : these men in my life; Dad, Paul and Alf, the best birthday’s EVER! Big Birthday’s this month, 65, 40 and the big SEVEN, aargh!
Enjoying : the e-course.  My head {and notepad} feel full of ideas, but I don’t know where to start!
Waiting : for my half marathon entry confirmation.  Everybody else seem to have received theirs…
Wondering : if we really are going to get the scorching summer they talk about.  I hope so, I fancy a summer full of camping.
Loving : the pirate cake stand that’s arrived today for Alf’s birthday party!  I just want to build it NOW!
Marvelling : at some of the yoga poses I’ve seen on instagram recently…yowcha’s!…and I’ve decided to join in on this month’s challenge, #stretchthatsplit.  They are super-toned, tanned and on the beach…I am in my pj’s, watching telly and it’s pissing it down outside.  It doesn’t look or feel half as glam as how they do, let me tell you!
Needing : a few more hours in the day.
Smelling : the gorgeous flowers sat in the window
Wearing : out my pumps, but what did I expect when I only paid a few quid for them!
Following : all the instagrammers {is that even a word?!} who are showing us all just how beautiful Wales is.  Not that we didn’t know already, de!  #igerswales or #igerscymru if you’re interested.  Of course you are ;)
Noticing : …oof! just how much it ache’s after doing the split challenge.  It was around half an hour ago and my legs and my neck are aching…?! should my neck ache?  *tries not to panic*
Knowing : there’s salted caramel sauce in the fridge.  mmmm.
Feeling : like a pancake champion.  Just ask any of the kids; Robb, Alf, Ella or Owen, they’ll tell you.
Bookmarking : All of the baby blankets to knit.  Nain Blaendre, eat your heart out.  No, actually, please don’t.  Thanks.  Because I’ll need your help at some point!  X
Opening : my next lesson for Blog Life…see ya!  But one more thing,
Giggling: at Paul’s mam calling a ‘selfie’ a ‘onesie’.  ”Go on Robbie, take a onesie!”.  She’s ace.

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