meet rob owen


My Dad. He turns 65 today and retires. I’m nervous and excited for him in equal measures. He’s laid back, well, there was a time when he had his two daughters living with him and he wasn’t so ;) …, he loves to potter about in his garden and is always, ALWAYS, up for a good game of football or rugby with the kids. Dad, along with his brothers have run a few marathons in their days and training for a half marathon is the first thing he has planned for when he retires. He loves to grab my Mam in the kitchen, hug her and tell who ever is listening, “I love my Jen”. He always told me to play the guitar when I went to secondary school….and I chose the bloody violin and for some reason after five minutes rehearsal at home, he’d tell me that was enough for one day. 20 years later and I’ve finally listened to him.

My Dad has taught me so much, but the one that always stays with me is “Always go for the South African Red wine, you can’t go wrong”.

Dad, ti werth y byd. Penblwydd Hapus yr hen goes. A mwynha y blynyddoedd nesa ‘ma. X

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