Living the Dream


Because, for about one minute there, I fronted my own rock band! I say a minute because I’d not had half as much alcohol as I’d usually drink {thanks to the bug currently doing its rounds around Llandrillo and beyond!}, but if I’d had more in me, I’d probably would have hung around a bit longer and maybe sung a song…OR FIVE.

So here we are in all our glory, Violet on bass, Dwys on something else that night ;), Paul on lead guitar and dressed as Angus Young, and Mrs Lowri-Oh-I-Don’t-like-rock-music-but-will-hog-this-guitar-and-rock-all-night-Roberts…and me on lead vocals, obviously ;)

To quote what Paul said when we first saw this photo “just look at all the smiles there!”.

When can we do this again?!Β Β 

We’ve got 100’s of photos!Β  We will share them with you all one way or another.

I’m just off to practice ‘Ride on’…

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