Living the Dream


Because, for about one minute there, I fronted my own rock band! I say a minute because I’d not had half as much alcohol as I’d usually drink {thanks to the bug currently doing its rounds around Llandrillo and beyond!}, but if I’d had more in me, I’d probably would have hung around a bit longer and maybe sung a song…OR FIVE.

So here we are in all our glory, Violet on bass, Dwys on something else that night ;), Paul on lead guitar and dressed as Angus Young, and Mrs Lowri-Oh-I-Don’t-like-rock-music-but-will-hog-this-guitar-and-rock-all-night-Roberts…and me on lead vocals, obviously ;)

To quote what Paul said when we first saw this photo “just look at all the smiles there!”.

When can we do this again?!  

We’ve got 100’s of photos!  We will share them with you all one way or another.

I’m just off to practice ‘Ride on’…

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