The Ghost in The Red Wellies…and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.


Phew! What a title!

Hands up if you woke up in a bit of a grump yesterday? Yeah, me too. I may not have admitted it {sorry, Paul} but it kind of hung around all day. It wasn’t your normal ‘Monday Morning’ funk either…I think it was more of just a bleurgh funk. And I annoyed myself a little for letting it hang around all day. So, I decided to go for a quick run before tea and see if that would sort me out. And sort me out it did! For those of you who know the area, I ran up to Blaen Dre and decided at the top to run down through the path to Cadwst {pictured}. A few metres in, I remembered the old ghost story about the little boy in the red wellies {i hope you all remember it too, otherwise I am just going to look stupid here!}…I stopped in my tracks, thought about it for about a second, panicked, turned around and ran for my life back up to the top of the path! For being such a wuss, I made myself run up and down the Blaen Dre hill a few times but on the way home I just couldn’t stop laughing at myself. What an absolute div!

So, following this change in mood, for the next seven days, I plan on finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Why? Why not.  Are you in?  It can be anything. Just something that made you smile or changed your mood for the better. If you do want to join in, leave a comment, blog about it yourself, take a photo and send it to me via email, instagram, facebook, twitter…whatever, just let me know! And if you are sending me photos, cute baby toes would MAKE MY DAY!

Bobl bach, let’s do this!

4 thoughts on “The Ghost in The Red Wellies…and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

  1. Urgh I think I need a run today lovely, that and yoga clears my head, oh and sleep, I’d love some sleep! Stunning where you are, we’re in the countryside too, really appreciate the beauty surrounding us x

    1. Try this on for size. Was talking to the youngest two about being brave and how sometimes quietly standing your ground for what you feel is right when everyone else disagrees can be very brave, especially at their age when you kinda need to follow the norm to fit in (deep I know but I was half a bottle of fizz in at this point). I then mentioned the old black and white film ‘The Four Feathers’ as an example (cos that’s how old I am) and said we would watch it next time it came on. And GUESS WHAT??? It’s only on TODAY!!! What’s that all about?! Extraordinary in the ordinary? I should co-co! It’s a sign!

    1. It might not be extrordinary but over breakfast I made a card for someone who’s getting married soon. Two years ago I despaired about how sad he was but now he’s found love and will marry her in a tiny Welsh chapel soon and i’m so happy for him. So the card made me feel happy. Xxx

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