Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary : 3


I realise that I am quite lucky with my job.  I actually don’t mind going there, it’s two minutes down the road and I really like the people I work with.  There’s a great mix of us; one I share an office with who ALWAYS ALWAYS has about five bars of chocolate in her handbag, another who has a cracking sense of humour and knows everything about films, there’s him who looks like Mr Bean and is like a father figure to me and another who needs his coffee, amongst other characters.

Every morning as we gather around the coffee machine, a range of topics are discussed including what we got up to the previous evening. This morning, it was just Mr B and I making coffee. I told him about my evening {football, an emergency and then more football} – nothing that exciting, really. And then I got his version ”We {him and his girlfriend} went mountain biking.  We then cooked some tea on the camping stove we took with us and then ate spag bol watching the sunset over the most amazing views.  Just the two of us.  It really was awesome.”

{at the end of that I was waiting for the ‘and-then-I-asked-her-to-marry-me-and-she-said-yes’ bit…but it never came}

BUT if that didn’t warm your cockles {ooh-err!}, I don’t know what will.

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