A run home and candy floss clouds


I really wanted a good run tonight. I might not get a chance for a while now. But I didn’t help myself by having a ridiculously huge dinner followed by a bloody great big crumble swimming in custard. S w i m m i n g. So, 5 o’ clock came, I got my running gear on and headed out for my run home. My first mile was my best mile yet, 6:50! But, flippin heck it was hot out there! It got hotter…harder…I carried on…and then, there he was, running towards me, waving his cap when he saw me. Me woop woop-ing when I saw him. Dad. We started off at the same time, me from work in Llandderfel and him, from home in Llandrillo. We met up at around the halfway mark, he turned around and we ran the rest of the way back home together.

But seeing that face and that cap?! {and listening to his running tips}…they got me through those last couple of miles.

Candy floss clouds helped too.

Day 7 of Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

How did you get on?!

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