Photo a Week Catch Up

Because it will bug me if I get to the end of the year and I haven’t completed the photo a week project, after saying I would!

DSC04646 tattoos

We can ALWAYS rely on Alf to finish off a photo nicely… ;)  I was slightly worried about our ferry crossing to Santander, but I shouldn’t have been, it was ace!  As well as a pool, entertainment, bars etc., the bois managed to get themselves some temporary tattoos.  And made me think about getting my own tattoo.  Again.

DSC04911 beach

hashtag model in the making.  {*repeats to self and says to Paul* “WE MADE THAT! WE. MADE. THAT!”}  Messanges Beach?!  Your waves were some of the best I have ever seen!  They made me squeal with excitement.  They made me shout “OH MY GOOOOOOD!” in terror…and they made me come home with an ear infection, diolch for that one.

DSC04701 cards

We taught the bois how to play their first real game of cards on holiday, Pen Cachu.  Fair play to them both, they picked it up really quickly…and funnily enough loved shouting “Pen Cachu” at the loser.

…I can’t possibly think why ;)

{calm down naini’s and taidi’s, if you’re reading this, they know not to repeat it, it was just a bit of holiday fun…which Alfie has no way, definitely not, never-ever repeated since we got back…}

It’s funny how quickly you just get back into ‘normal life’ not long after you get home from a holiday, isn’t it?!  The beach, the lie-ins, the pool, a lunchtime beer etc. with these three gorgeous bois that I get to call all mine, seems ages ago now.

bois bach {and paul}, de chi werth y byd xxx …a mwy xxx

    living arrows

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