summer hols 2014

Here are just some photos from our recent holiday in South West France.  I say some because this was also our first holiday with what I call a ‘proper camera’…so I kinda got all click-happy!  OOH! LOOK! FRENCH WINDOWS! click click click.  click.




Our stroll to the beach the evening we arrived didn’t disappoint.  At all.


‘I-wanna-squish-my-brother’s-face-I’m-that-excited-we’re-on-holiday’ faces.  Also, Alf?  Remember that conversation we had about you never growing up and staying 6 forever?  This photo tells me a totally different story, bach!  Sort it out!


As well as Alf {in this post}, we can always rely on Paul to finish off photos nicely, too.


…oh, and Robb.



…they did enjoy themselves…honest!


collage 2

We watched a Bull Show one night.  I feel I need to point out it was a family friendly one, not the one where the bull gets killed.  {I won’t be watching that, thanks very much}.  And it was terrifyingly brilliant fun!  And Paul…I’m not sure what his face is here.  And that’s the best photo of us both on this holiday, I think…yep, I know! We really are that good. ;)

collage 3

No holiday is complete without candy floss as big as your head!




…nah! No idea what they are either…but check Paul out getting all arty-farty with that last photo!  Also, I’ve just noticed Alf’s face here.  He’s still trying to figure out what the hell they are, isn’t he?!


Iechyd Da, Le Vieux Port, Messanges!  We’ll be seeing you again, definitely!

Things I want to remember:  the smell of the pine trees / the town of vieux bouceau / alf and his singing throughout the holiday.  If it wasn’t ‘Calon Lan’ it was ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’…honestly, where did we get him?! / the excitement of tour de france {post on that to follow} / the huuuuge waves, hello surfers paradise…and ear infection / Biarritz / paella / the Ferrero rocher ice cream / daydreaming with paul about moving there one day / the warm sea / robb and his surfing…or lack of ;) / the waffles and crepes / the way the young lad said to me “alfie’s got a LOT of energy, hasn’t he?!” when we picked him up from kids club and last but by no means least, two whole weeks with my bois – it was bliss xx

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