10 tips for a successful camping trip…with other families.

DSC05202 this one

But first…photos!





^ “you go in first” “no, you”…”ok, after 3…1, 2, 3…”  …no one did it.






1 : Stagger your arrivals at the campsite…so that those who are already there can help you others putting their tents up.  Last thing you want is everyone arriving at the same time…and 4 couples close to divorce after putting up their tent.

2 : Go with GOOD {if not the best!} Friends…who know you very well and won’t get put off by  your mascara-streaked-face in the morning.

3 : It helps if said friends have kids who like your kids.  This results in not seeing all of the kids until bedtime!  B. O. N. U. S.  Or at least until it’s ‘toasted marshmallows time’…which leads me to tip no. 4.

4 : Always, ALWAYS ensure there are enough marshmallows for everyone.  Including the adults.  Sticks too!  You need plenty of sticks.  Luckily for us, Beth remembered these.

5 : Invest in {or get Anwen and Bryn to…} a decent fire pit.  Even hide their fire pit so that they get a better one this time… ;) It could be the hottest day for the last decade but Wales in the evening still gets cold.  Oh so cold.

6 : Make sure you take an extra jacket or that your friends are about the same size as you, so that you can share jackets if someone else has forgotten theirs.  Because one camping mate, who shall remain nameless…*cough SUE cough*…won’t give up her ‘camping jacket’ for anyone.

7 :…same goes for loo roll…except it doesn’t matter about the size of it and you won’t be sharing the same piece…*shudders at the thought*…what I mean is, just make sure someone has remembered this very important item.

8 : As well as kids, DOGS!  Other families with dogs is also useful.  These will also keep the kids entertained for hours too.  See photo above of Poppy all like “check me out, getting all the love”.

9 : If Dwysan someone has a new lamp to put in their trailer tent, make sure they get their own electricity supply to switch it on!…because that lamp made all the difference…

10 : Have a day at the beach to clear those foggy heads and let the kids run around in the sea while you have a nap on the beach.

It goes without saying to sit back, relax, have a drink, share crisps, peanuts etc. and catch up with these gorgeous people you get to call your friends.

Got any other tips you want to share?  Feel free to leave them below!

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