Running Diaries


Going to bed gone 2am, after nearly a whole bottle of red wine and waking up 6 hours later on a “bed” which has gone down during the night is not the best recipe for a good run, is it?  But it is what it is.  I had been telling myself all week that I needed to do an 8 mile run that weekend…camping or no camping!  So, an hour later after coffee {a lot} and breakfast, I set off.  I could have quite easily turned around and sat there with the others to drink more coffee…and decide whether I had a hangover or not {do you know those ones?  soo annoying…}, anyway, I never, I carried on.  And did what I set out to do, 8.1 miles…{‘cos that .1 makes all the difference!}.  Gorgeous, sunny views like this gave me the ‘oomph’ that I needed to carry on AND get a 10K Personal Record!…{not so bad now, is it Cer?!}. 

And The Vaccines, they helped too.  Oh, and cheesy pop for the last 2 miles, definitely! 

“Don’t Stop When You Are Tired, Stop When You Are Finished”

UPDATE: I forgot to mention what Paul said to me the other evening “I’m sure your arse is a lot firmer”…if that isn’t a reason to get my running gear on and run ALL THE TIME, I don’t know what is ;)

One thought on “Running Diaries

  1. I’d say I felt guilty sitting in my rabbit onesie eating vegi sausages and scrambled egg while you set off but it’d be a lie. I was impressed though! Can’t make any comment on the bum.

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