34 / 52 {T W E L V E!}


“a portrait of the bois bach, every week, in 2014”

Robb | SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  My baby turned twelve this week!  You woke up to a stack of pancakes {1,000 mam points for me!} and then we took you shopping {-500 mam points} but you did get a Barcelona top out of it {…back up to 1,000}.

Alfie | Oooh, you did not like Robb getting all the attention, did you bach?!  But you didn’t seem to mind it being Robb’s birthday when you were given a laser gun to run around a field with, did you?  And you were quite enthusiastic when you shot me, too.  Hands up in the air and screaming at the top of your voice ‘‘YESSSSSS! I JUST KILLED MAM!”...hmm.

…and the biggest kid of them all, Paul.

Bois bach and Paul, de chi werth y byd xxx

Here’s some more pics from our afternoon at Llandegla Laser Combat :

Discussing Tactics
In. His. Element.
The one day Robb didn’t want a big ol’ long fringe.
Homer, Camo, Click and Flash. Nooo, they haven’t got cruel parents, these were the names of their guns.
Blue Eagle and Red Eagle…or Double Trouble…either fit.
”…and I shot Mam and it was AWESOME!”
Robb, or Blaze as he was known here. Oh, and I’ve just noticed he finally sorted his fringe out by this point.


A great afternoon…although my back knows about it today.  I’m putting it down to my body not being used to running around a field like a loon carrying a gun…and not the fact that another birthday of mine has just been and gone, too.


living arrows


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