Robb’s fishing trip with my mam resulted in…


…a bowlfull of plums! Not forgetting the eel they caught. {Eeww}.. Not a bowlfull of them, thankfully, but one which is now back in the river.

Before today, Dad has taken the bois fishing and an hour in is still waiting to catch something and then mam comes along and within five minutes has caught one! Rob and Jen, also known as Mr & Mrs Competitive… I dare you to challenge them to a game of ‘scrabble’….

Anyway, back to today, Mam and Robb returned home on their bikes full of excitement, with rosy cheeks and giggled together as they shared their stories. Apparently, Mam got that excited with her catch, she swung her rod so fast she nearly smacked herself in the face with the eel! Cross-your-legs-moment there…for those of you who know my Mam.

I could watch and listen to these two together forever…but how is that going to make us a plum tart/crumble/pie/or whatever takes my fancy?

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