Being ‘Mam’…{and week 35 in photos}



Being ‘Mam’, for me right now, goes a little something like this:

…it’s going to read on my kindle to find the battery is dead.  Diolch bois!
…it’s opening the window to shout “Just play nicely.  Pleeeeeease!”
…it’s smearing army facepaint on my cheeks…definitely for the bois and not me *ahem*
…it’s dealing with pissy toilet seats.  #thatoldchestnut
…it’s hoovering Robb’s bed. The crumbs in there!
…it’s discussing maybe sleeping in your own bed now.  Looking at you, Alfie Lowe.
…it’s trying not to laugh and having no comeback to “I’m 7 not 15!”
…it’s happily getting rid of toys {two bin bags full}, but books?  Different story.  No pun intended.
…it’s having a love/hate relationship with the ps4. Love that I’ve got some time to do stuff…but Hate that they’re on that thing.
…it’s having a child whose only way of communication in the morning is to go into the kitchen and place whichever cereal he wants for his breakfast in the middle of the kitchen floor. Still in its box, obviously. And it’s always a mixture of 2 sometimes 3 different cereals.
…it’s the guilt. I don’t really want to swear on here, but, the fuuuuuuucking guilt. #urgh
…it’s sharing a few spoonfulls of nutella on the sofa as soon as we get in and discussing our day.
…it’s the brush your teeth arguments.  Seven years on.  #FML
…it’s grabbing that half hour to read when nobody else is home.
…It’s losing all the chargers and all the plugs.
…it’s blowing the hair out of his face as he gets his hair cut.
…it’s hot chocolates in bed discussing celebrity big brother. FYI Alf thinks George is hilarious and wants him to win. Another FYI, for all those of you who have just raised your eyebrows ;) , Alf only watched a snippet of it, but that was enough for him to declare how funny he thinks George is.
…it’s late {v. late!} cuddles and giggles on the sofa…but the summer holidays are very nearly over, so we are making the most of it.
…it’s taking the bois bach fishing…only for them to loose their patience after a while of nothing happening and for them to just jump in the river instead.
…it’s all of the above and a lot more making my heart full and happy…a snappy stress-head with absolutely no patience at all at times…but oh so happy and thankful.

Bois Bach, de chi werth y byd.

And suddenly, it’s September!  Love, love, love this time of year! I get to put the heating on…I mean, I love all the colours!

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