worn {my new favourite t-shirt}

“I’m kind of a big deal on my blog”

And can you see now why it’s my favourite?!  Remember back in this post when I mentioned one of my birthday presents?  This is it. {“This is it, Oh This time I know it’s the real thing, I can’t explain what I’m feeling …”}

Anyway.  It’s the small things isn’t it…and that Sue…she’s tiiiiiiny!  And, it turns out, awesome at buying presents.

I love this t-shirt, have worn it {duh, obviously} and plan on wearing it a lot more.  This will be my fourth year of blogging and with all of the millions {and I mean MILLIONS!} of blogs out there, mine is tiny {like Sue!} and just a little something I love doing.  So thanks for all of the likes, shares and comments – it means a lot.

Me: Hey Alf, come here and make these photos more livelier, more fun…or something, just work your magic, please mate.


…oh.  OK, don’t.

PS – he dressed himself that morning.

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