Running Diaries {I cut up my t-shirt}

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Not a photo from this week, but it’s got me and my sister in it {after an 8 miler} so in my book, it’s a good one.

One run is all I’ve managed in the past week {that’s not including this morning’s run}.  Through no fault of my own, or anybody else’s, it’s just been a busy week.  But the thing that surprised me while I wasn’t running was how much I thought about running.  A lot.  One of those thoughts was “I need a new running/workout top”…which lead me to this:

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A T-shirt and a pair of scissors.  This t-shirt is a special one.  This is the t-shirt I got for running the 10K in Manchester back in 2010.  I raised money for The Christie Charity during the time my brother was having his op and treatment there.  So it wasn’t one that I wanted to get rid of…yet it wasn’t one I liked to run in either.  It’s just a little on the big side.

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So I cut around the neck line and then cut the sleeves off following the sleeve-line about an inch or so in.

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After I decided on the length of t-shirt I wanted, I cut in a couple of inches along from here, and then I cut from the centre of the front up to this same point.  I did this on both sides.  I then cut a slit straight up the front of the triangle.  Turning the t-shirt over, I cut along the back length line.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I tied a knot with the two front bits, stood back and did a little jig.

And suddenly had thoughts about cutting up some of Paul’s rock t-shirts and pairing them with skinny jeans and heels.  He’s got enough t-shirts, I’m sure he won’t miss a few…

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