37 / 52 {down at the big field}



“a portrait of the bois bach, every week, in 2014”

Well, the extension finally feels like it’s getting somewhere!  There is a roof, there is no more scaffolding, there are pebble-dashed walls and big smiles on our faces.  Because of the pebble-dashing that has just been done, we {or more so the bois} were told that definitely no football on the front lawn.  More big smiles from Paul and I  ;-)

Therefore, we have been down at ‘the big field’ most evenings.  And haven’t the evenings just been bloody gorgeous recently?  So the bois get to kick a ball as hard as they can and I get to lie there and watch them.  Happy days.

Robb | This week you saw my OCD in all its glory when we were covering up your school books.  HOW satisfied were we with the last one?  Not one single bubble.  Now let’s see what “Mr Spanish” thinks, eh?!  #highfive

Alfie | “Mam, why did you and Dad call me a stupid name like Alfie?*  Why couldn’t you just call me something like Gary?”…I kid you not.  And then you got a really wobbly tooth and all the cockiness disappeared.  Oh yeah, and sorry for trying to ‘accidentally’ knock it out with your toothbrush the other morning ;)

*I apologise in advance if any Alfie’s were hurt by this comment…he doesn’t mean it, I don’t think.  Although, this isn’t the first time.  Last time he wanted to be called ‘Johnie Caradog’.

Bois bach, de chi werth y byd xxx

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