Running Diaries {The Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon}


That morning, months ago, when I bumped into someone I knew at a garage in Coedpoeth, little did I know our quick five minute conversation would end up in me signing myself up to run a half marathon.  And for my Dad and sister to sign up the following week.  But that’s just what happened.  Fast forward to today and here we are to tell the tale.

We trained, bought new running gear, trained some more, discussed fake tan for race day {…that’ll be Lowri, not Dad!}, we had our ‘off days’, we had our ‘on form days’ and before we knew it, race day was here.

There were a few toilet visits before we set off to the starting point.  Nerves, I was told, but a part of me thought my body just wasn’t used to consuming water on a Saturday night!  We had a few laughs with other runners who were lining up with us, but not before the three of us hugged and wished each other good luck.  13 miles later {2 of them v e r y hard}, a lot of wine gums, awesome encouragement from family members and a sprint finish we were hugging each other again at the finish line.  That’s not forgetting the really ugly face I pulled  to get over that finish line within two hours…

We’ve discussed our run a few times {who am I kidding, A LOT!} since Sunday and I asked them last night what’s the one thing they will remember from the half marathon.  Lowri answered “the wine gums!” and Dad said “Running it with you two”…he really did, God Love Him!

Me?  All of the above.

As I got up to leave that evening, Dad hugged me and said “I’ll get you next year!”…and he probably will too!

3 thoughts on “Running Diaries {The Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon}

  1. Wow go you! Fair play lovely lady!
    I’ve just started running again after a 2 year break from it. It’s going slowly and sweatily but progress is being made and I’m already feeling much happier in myself a couple of weeks into it. Will I ever do a half marathon – I doubt it, but never say never!

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