The Good Life Experience


I really didn’t know what to expect from this.   I was going to the opening day of the Good Life Experience {which will continue, YAY!} and was meeting up with people who I had never met before {yet have known through blogging, twitter etc. for 4 years, I think Annie pointed out…crazy!}.  I also didn’t have a clue what to wear {with talks of axe throwing etc.}…and if I’d known I was going to be having my photo taken with Cerys Matthews within minutes of arriving, I definitely would have worn something other than my primark t-shirt.  And without the goofy smile.


Anyway, apart from the t-shirt, I shouldn’t have worried at all.  There was a real friendly and welcoming feel to the Hawarden Estate.  It helped that as I was parking my car, I noticed Emma in the very car next to me, so we got to walk in together.  After a quick walk about, we headed to the cafe where I met the lovely Elizabeth and Stephen while we all queued for coffee and cake.

collage 1

Introductions done, hugs all around, some ‘instagraming’ and coffee’s finished, we headed out to see what was on offer.




We got chatting with the lovely group at The Peckham Print Club, but sadly I didn’t get any photos!  I think I was too engrossed with the actual screen printing process.  £5 for a printed tote, not bad at all.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Pedlars were there…and I bet you nearly everyone of us there went home with one of these mason jars!

collage 3


collage 4

…for the kids, or so I’m told ;)



A chance to make your own badge…and in no way whatsoever did my badge jam the machine…three times…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

collage 1

Campfires, S’Mores and painted nails in need of a touch up…

collage 2

With all the chatting, wandering around, a bit of queuing and bumping into other bloggers {hi Rachel!}, I never actually got to see any of the demonstrations in full.  But there was such a relaxed atmosphere that I didn’t feel the need or the rush to go and see, if that makes any sense?!  But I was hoping to try out the wooden spoon carving, it was a shame it got booked up so quickly.  I have got some new music downloaded onto my spotify though, even if I didn’t manage to see them live here.

Next year, hopefully, as I will definitely be there.  Hopefully with a tent and a beer, too!

I’m excited to see what next year brings for The Good Life Experience.

Want to see a bit more?!  Head on over to these blogs : Annie , EmmaElizabeth and Rachel.

7 thoughts on “The Good Life Experience

  1. It was the most fabulous festival, wasn’t it? I was worried about taking the little ones but they had a wonderful time too (even thought we had to leave early because they wanted to nap). It was so nice to meet you. I loved your little messages in Welsh while I was homesick in Switzerland.

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